What education is needed to become a teacher

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So, the first prerequisite for a teacher is a specialized pedagogical education in the background. Moreover, it should be obtained in the field corresponding to the subject taught.

In addition, as we saw above, the teacher must meet the standards. It follows from them that a teacher is a person who is developed truly comprehensively. And its goal is to work in several areas at the same time, for which different skills are needed. Here they are.


  • Be able to plan and conduct lessons;
  • Use exciting and accessible approaches to teaching all categories of children;
  • Objectively assess the knowledge of students.


  • Own forms and methods of educational work;
  • To be able to build educational activities taking into account the cultural, gender, and individual characteristics of children;
  • Effectively regulate student behavior to ensure a safe, educational environment.


  • The ability to read the documentation of specialists (psychologists, speech therapists, etc.);
  • To possess techniques that allow to carry out correctional-development work;
  • Be able to track the dynamics of the child’s development.
  • Before employment in the school, be prepared for the fact that you have to do a lot of preparatory work on the part of the documents. In addition to the “basic package,” you will need a number of additional materials and references from the official institutions of your city or region.

Here is a partial list:

  • Application for employment addressed to the head of the institution;
  • Passport or other identity documents;
  • Employment record, with the exception of cases when the employment contract is concluded for the first time or the employee, goes to work on a part-time basis;
  • Insurance certificate of state pension insurance;
  • Certificate of registration of an individual in the tax authority;
  • Military registration documents – for persons liable for military service and persons subject to military service;
  • Certificate of education, qualifications or special knowledge;
  • The help of a judicial nature;
  • Medical book;
  • Medical certificate of the absence of contraindications. You will need to order a certificate from the drug treatment center in your city that you are not registered there.
  • You will need a similar certificate from a psycho-neurological dispensary.